About Me


Welcome to my Fresh Designs shop where you’ll find an eclectic collection of handmade jewelry made from vintage beads, semi-precious stones, organic beads such as wood, shell and bone, and metals including sterling silver, pewter, gold-filled, vermeil, and virgin brass.

Be sure to check back often as I am always adding new items.

I am fortunate to live in the idyllic tiny New England seacoast village of Round Pond, Maine. This is an area steeped in history and rich in beauty. I am inspired by the breathtaking views offered by our beautiful coastline and the many picturesque tidal estuaries that dot this area.

I started making jewelry over twenty years ago, after entering  a bead store for my very first time. I had some beautiful old crystal beads that had been my mother's, and I wanted to make them into a piece of jewelry I could wear. That fateful trip has turned my life into a love affair with beads and jewelry making the likes of which I have never experienced before! I have always been “crafty” and enjoyed making things with my own two hands. My mother was an artist and so making things was commonplace in our house. I learned to knit, cook, sew, garden, do needlework, and arrange flowers, but let me tell you, nothing has grabbed me in the way making jewelry has. I am a certified beadaholique. I dream of beading!

With the loving support and encouragement of my family and friends, I have parlayed this obsession into a successful (and growing) small business. I am please to say that my jewelry can be found in boutiques and gifts shops around New England.

I also enjoy selling my jewelry at various craft shows around New England. My oh-so-loving and supportive husband says that whenever he approaches my booth at these fairs, it always seems like there’s a party going on. I have almost as much fun selling my jewelry as I have with making it.  New Englanders, be sure to check the "Show Schedule" section of my shop to see if I might be at a location near you.

I am grateful to the many kind and generous customers who have provided me with encouraging words and the support of their repeat business. This store was borne of their wish to be able to purchase my jewelry on an ongoing basis.

So there you have it… my little story.

I hope that you feel the same sense of joy when you wear my jewelry as I feel when I make it.


Warmest wishes,